Guided review - web application

We developed a web application that allows you to test guided review on your own.

Unfortunately, the application is not in a functional mode at the moment as the server has been shut down.

It is easy and comprises the following four steps:
  1. Select the gender as being either male (default) or female
  2. Select the observed plaques in the 16 segments (according to the American Heart Association) of the coronary artery tree.

    This is done by clicking the "+" or "-" symbol of the desired plaque type (h=hard/calcified m=mixed, s=soft/noncalcified) within the corresponding segment. The following example shows a selected hard/calcified plaque within segment 2 of the coronary artery tree.
  3. Start guided review. Your current labeling will be analyzed and prediction rules are searched that predicts plaques in unlabeled segments of the coronary artery tree.
  4. Have a look at the results. The prediction rules that are valid for your selection are shown:

    Furthermore, the confidence value of each segment for containing an initially missed plaque is given within the coronary artery tree: